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Dear Parents & Students,


Beaches Chapel School has recently decided that Canvas, a modern and innovative learning management system (LMS) will become part of our system beginning in 2020.  Users login via the “Login to Canvas” link on our website or using the following link: Please note that students will be given directions during the first week of school on how to access their account and will receive access to courses once they are published by their teacher.

What is Canvas?

Canvas is a learning management system (LMS) that allows teachers to provide instructional 

support, class calendars, assignments, and resources for students in a safe online environment. For traditional face to face classes, Canvas is an integral part of sharing blended classroom instruction. 


Canvas Use

Canvas has many benefits including clean, user-friendly, content-focused design, an excellent platform for cultivating interconnected, digital teaching and learning opportunities, and frequent feature and tool updates.  




BCS Administration

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