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Community Service Guidelines

Community Service Guidelines

Beaches Chapel School requires 100 documented community service hours for graduation.  It is advised that juniors have 75 hours documented through the school counseling office by the end of their junior year.  Parents will be notified if their student has not met this benchmark.  Any student who does not have 100 documented community service hours by May 1st of their senior year will be in danger of not being able to walk at commencement ceremonies.


Performing Community Service is important, not only for graduation requirements, but also to make a difference in your community, to learn new skills and to meet new people.  In addition, it helps you to build your resume for college applications and scholarships.  The Bright Futures Scholarship Awards require 75 community service hours for the Florida Medallion Scholarship and 100 community service hours to qualify for the Florida Academic Scholarship program. Community service hours may be submitted to the Academic Advising office any time prior to graduation.


What counts toward Community Service Hours?

Service volunteered to the school and/or the community on the student’s own time, while not being paid will count toward Community Service Hours.  In addition, participation in performances, festivals or competitions where there is a community need, there is no admission charge and the event does not promote the sponsoring organization will also count.

If a student or parent has questions regarding community service hours and what qualifies, they may discuss with their school counselor prior to volunteering for the event.

Community Service Opportunities in Jacksonville

City Rescue Mission                                                      

Ronald McDonald House

Episcopal Children’s Services

Elevate Jacksonville

Jacksonville Zoo

Jacksonville Humane Society

McKenzie Noelle Wilson Foundation

Jacksonville’s Longest Table

Pace Center for Girls                                             

Catty Shack Ranch Wildlife Sanctuary

Wolfson Children’s Hospital                              

Best Buddies Florida

YMCA Reads                                                

USO Center – Naval Air Station Jacksonville

Riverside Avondale Preservation                   

Adoption Authority

St. Augustine Wild Reserve

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