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  • Every school day begins with Bible class and a Chapel Service including The Pledge of Allegiance and prayer.

    Beaches Chapel Church's Pastor and the Student Worship Band lead the school in worship. 

  • Each Bible teacher is equipped with the knowledge of the Bible and is empowered to instill that knowledge in their students.

  • The school's curriculum is one that stresses Godly, moral values and is written from a Christian perspective. A Beka and Bob Jones curriculum are used in elementary and middle school grades.  



  • Every classroom has an ActivInspire interactive whiteboard that teachers use daily as they expand their teaching capabilities and the students' learning experience.

  • Our lower school utilizes iPads in the classrooms to increase learning in creative ways.

  • Our teachers incorporate online and visual components in their lesson plans.

  • Updated WiFi throughout campus.

  • High school students bring their own device to each class.

Character Building


  • At Beaches Chapel, we believe in the importance of both academic and personal growth.

  • Students receive a solid Biblical foundation that will be the rock for all of life's difficult decisions that lay ahead. 

  • We encourage students to be leaders and examples to others through love, servanthood, and respect for their peers.

  • We have Zero Tolerance for bullying. To support this policy, we bring in Project S.O.S. in the fall and spring to educate the students on Anti-bullying and the importance of treating others as Christ would.

  • The Christ-like attitude and atmosphere that we create enhances students' work ethic and overall attitude.

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