Edi Wohlgemuth(email)

School Administrator

Edi Wohlgemuth is the School Administrator at Beaches Chapel School & Preschool. She also serves on the Pastoral Staff of Beaches Chapel Church. She was enrolled at BCS when the school began, attended until graduation and received a Bachelor of Business Administration from Jacksonville University.  She has served at BCS and other organizations through the last 30 years in different leadership capacities and roles including, Young Life Beach Director, YouthQuake Live Board Member, Assistant to the Principal at BCS and Founder/Director of the STARS Program. Edi has experience in Development, Promotion, Advertising, Fundraising and Community Relations.  She provides oversight and leadership over our main campus and our new preschool campus. Edi is married to Dan and has five kids.


Kathy McWilliams (email)


Kathy McWilliams is the Principal at Beaches Chapel School. She comes with a wealth of knowledge and experience in teaching and in school counseling. Kathy has served in a vast amount of leadership positions in Duval County Public Elementary, Middle and High Schools, from coordinating Dual enrollment programs and leading AICE Cambridge Programs. She also worked with military families, homeless students and international students. Kathy holds a B.A. in Elementary and Theatre from Marymount Manhattan College, a M.A. in Guidance and Counseling from Canisius College and an ABD in Educational Leadership from the University of North Florida. She is an expert speaker on academics, accelerated coursework, suicide prevention, drug abuse and depression. Kathy is married to Jack and they have eight children.


Allison Bass (email)

Vice Principal

Allison Bass is a distinguished educator with two decades of experience in both the public and private school setting. After graduating from Mississippi State University, Allison began her teaching career in Jackson Public Schools in Mississippi. After moving to Florida, she taught grades 2-5 in Duval County Public Schools. In 2014, Allison began teaching 3rd grade at Beaches Chapel School. She has held many leadership roles over the years such as developing curriculum, chairing various committees, serving as a lead teacher, improving academics, and playing a critical role in many aspects of school improvement plans. She is empathetic to every student’s need, every teacher’s struggle and to the community’s challenges. She believes that keeping a positive atmosphere is key to success and that teamwork is the ultimate way a school can be successful. Her work ethic, vision, passion, and commitment to excellence make Allison a natural leader. She is married to Sam and has four children.

Heather Johnston 2019.JPG

Heather Johnston (email)


Heather Johnston has been an educator for over 25 years. She started teaching by making her younger brother endure homemade worksheets, and she will never hear the end of it. She then went on and earned her Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education and her Master of Education in Literacy Studies from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  She has taught in several different states and the Netherlands thanks to her husband's Navy career.  She taught 5th grade for one year at BCS before the Navy pulled her away and returned to Beaches Chapel two years ago.  Heather and her husband, Shawn, have been married for 23 years and have three magnificent (most days...) daughters.  Heather is honored and excited to support the incredible staff and students at BCS for the coming school year!


Dawn Kell (email)

Financial Administrator

Dawn Kell is the Financial Administrator of Beaches Chapel Church and School. She provides leadership and strategic direction for all financial and operational functions. She directly oversees finance, accounting, human resources, and strategic planning. Joining our team, Dawn infuses positive and strategic initiatives into our community. She began her journey over 20 years ago in health management and brings a wide array of experience including nine years of educational leadership, two years of governmental leadership, and 10 years in corporate leadership at various levels. She holds an M.S.A., an M.B.A. and a B.S. Degree in Accounting. She is married to Michael and has two sons.