"My wife and I are so glad we chose to send our children to Beaches Chapel School for their formative years. Beaches Chapel has been a positive, nurturing environment in which our children have been able to grow and thrive. We take comfort in knowing that our values are reinforced by the teachers and administrators at the school."

Kyle Brady

Former NFL Player

“It is our heart's desire to send our girls to Beaches Chapel School. The values taught here are the same that we teach at home and that is why we enrolled our children at BCS”

John Wyatt

Arena Campus Pastor, Celebration Church

Just wanted to take a quick moment to say "THANK YOU" to all of you who have made my son feel welcome to Beaches Chapel School.  We have seen an incredible change in him in just the past three months at BCS versus last year in public high school.  It is a testament to all of you and to his classmates, who from the very beginning, have made Our son feel "at home".  His grades in first quarter are quite an indication of how comfortable he is....he is back to his previous honor roll standards.

Mark Dunham

BCS Alumni Parent

We had tried several options for our son’s elementary education. After leaving a private school that we felt was too expensive, we spent a year and a half in home school. Although it was a great education, our son asked to go back to “regular” school. Since we felt our private experience was too costly, and due to my belief that public school should be adequate, we tried a local beach public school. After less than a year, we quickly came to realize that public school, although “A” rated, was grossly inadequate for our needs.


Believing we had few options, I remembered coming to Beaches Chapel School by accident when we first moved to the Jacksonville area. So, I dropped in to see what BCS was all about.


First, the warm welcome I received put me right at ease. All the staff just knew we would find the right solution for our family. And, I think they also new that BCS could be that right solution. Our eight year old shadowed for a day, my wife and  I toured the school again, and we decided that BCS seemed to be a good fit for us. As providence would intervene, our four year old class was closed during the process. We naturally contacted BCS about him coming to BCS too. And the reception was just as warm for him.


Since enrolling our children at BCS, we have watched an amazing transformation in our boys. Our eldest is eager to go to school, where in the past he exhibited more than hesitancy. Our four year old has found wonderful caretakers and mentors in Ms. Diana and Ms. Amy in the K4 class. And we feel Ms. Bass in third grade has to be the most wonderful influence on our son. 


Our boys come home talking about not moving their clips for behavior, and are proud when they are successful. They routinely talk about Christ and Biblical stories. We are grateful for this influence. And, our eldest has so improved his writing and reading skills, we continue to be impressed. The other children in the school reach out to the younger students. I have yet to attend chapel that one of the older students doesn’t call out to our four year old. 


BCS is an amazing school, doing excellent work with children, in an environment you know to be safe, encouraging and  enriching. I can’t imagine our boys anywhere else, and I can’t wait to see how much they accomplish if we are fortunate enough to see them graduate from BCS.

John M Stinson

Atlantic Beach City Councilmen

“It is exciting to see what is happening at Beaches Chapel Church and School.  While providing a sound Christian education that prepares young minds to live out Christ-honoring life styles, it also academically prepares them for the next step in their academic pursuits. Parents looking for a balanced Christian education for their children should strongly consider Beaches Chapel School”

Dr. Tom Bary

Neptune Baptist Church, Pastor

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