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Faculty and Staff Directory
Cheryl Abbott (email)
Administrative Assistant
Allison Bass (email)
Brooke Becker (email)
Ken Black (email)
Bible Teacher
Mary Black (email)
Math Teacher
Sarah Bolin (email)
Vice Principal
Chelsea Dawkins (email)
Educational Technology Specialist

Tyler Dillon (email)
Athletic Director/P.E. Teacher

Madeline Firestone (email)
Art Teacher
Alexis Heather (email)
Upper School Science
Kelly Hulihan (email)
Administrative Assistant
Mark Jackson (email)
Middle School P.E.

Catherine Johnson (email)
English Teacher
Carol Mabry (email)
Spanish Teacher
Ellen MacDonald (email)
3rd Grade 
Connor Matisoo (email)
Upper School Math
Carlee Maynard (email)
1st Grade Teacher
Niki McMinn (email)
5th Grade Teacher
Kathy McWilliams (email)
Academic Advisor
Trisha Phillips (email)
Media Specialist
Korina Pickens (email)
7th Grade
Anthony Pisani (email)
Anthony Pisani (email)
Facilities Manager
Andre Reed (email)
Lisa Rickerson (email)
High School History
Bryan Roche (email)
Teresa Rogers (email)
Kellie Ruday (email)
Upper School Science
Paige Santa Lucia (email)
Liz Scott (email)
4th Grade 
Joel Straus(email)
6th Grade
Taylor Strong (email)
2nd Grade 
Karen Vogel (email)
Kindergarten Assistant
Jane Wilcox (email)
Admissions Director
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