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Scholarship Fund

Each year Beaches Chapel School will award three graduating seniors from BCS with the following Scholarships:


Vicki McDonald Academic Scholarship Award


The student with the highest GPA will be awarded the Vicki McDonald Academic Scholarship Award. Vicki McDonald was the Principal of BCS for over 25 years. Under Vicki’s leadership the school experienced unprecedented growth and stability. She oversaw the reinstatement of our Middle School and more recently our High School. She was an ambassador of our school within our community and has held leadership positions with the accreditation organization FLOCS and recently received a lifetime achievement award.  There are no words of gratitude or appreciation that can be expressed to Vicki for the labor of love she has poured into our school. She is a dedicated and faithful servant and we are grateful for her service. 


Sherry Robbins Creative Scholarship Award


The most creative senior will be awarded the Sherry Robbins Creative Scholarship Award. There are few people who loved this school and what it stood for more than Sherry Robbins. Her passion and love for BCS was unequaled.  Sherry was instrumental in the reestablishment our High School program.  She was passionate about having a home court at BCS again. Sherry understood what having a court to call our own meant to this school and to our athletes. She worked tirelessly to make this dream a reality. Her Memorial Fund started our fundraising effort for our new gymnasium, the Impact Center.

The most athletic senior will be awarded the Jimmy Messinese Athletic Scholarship Award


Jimmy Messinese Athletic Scholarship Award


Coach Jimmy Messinese made a lasting impact in BCS athletics. He built the foundation which our athletic program is built upon today.  He instilled the value of hard work, integrity, and most importantly set a Godly example for all of his players and changed many of their lives. You cannot talk about BCS athletics without thinking of Coach Jimmy Messinese. And because of his years of selfless sacrifice and lasting legacy to BCS and the athletic program we honored with the Jimmy Messinese Court at the Impact Center.



If you would like to give to these scholarships to support our students' acheivements and futures, donate below. You can designate which scholarship you would like to donate towards. 

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